To Six Books Every Teen Should Read

Reading books is a great way to become more knowledgeable, practical, and useful to the society. Indeed, many legendary leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela among others were great readers. You become outstanding and everybody will keep calling you for solutions. The reading culture does not develop when one becomes an adult, rather, it must be nurtured from a tender age. Here are top five books that you should encourage your teen children to read.

(i) The Animal Farm by George Orwell

This is a political satire category book that utilizes 1917 Russian Revolution with top characters such as Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, and Karl Marx. The satire uses animal characters to demonstrate that though all people are equal, others are more equal. Orwell uses the novel to condemn authoritative reigns, corrupt leadership, and abusive regimes. Unlike other novels that are complex in plot, George Orwell keeps everything simple such that your teen will keep rereading the book.

(ii) The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

This book is a clear demonstration of changing nature of American Dream. Scott brings out the rapid decline of the American Dream around the 1920s by demonstrating the sharp difference between material wealth that was adored so much in history and new methods of creating wealth. The modern America took a shift towards technology that has kept it shining in the whole world today. To your teen, this novel is very inspirational and could provoke great careers.

(iii) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

This book presents a drama about the illustrious American history. Lee uses an innocent narrator to build the plot of the many evils that dogged the American history. It demonstrates how the negative side of man can overcome good morals. The book becomes emotional and invokes the need to hold good morals no matter what comes your way. It demonstrates that though evil may appear to triumph at times, the good will always become manifest irrespective of time.

(iv) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

This novel is one of the top works of the legendary William Shakespeare. Though a hundred years old, this novel remains unrivaled because of its thematic and literary underpinnings. It is particularly great for people with an interest in literature, acting, and other creative arts careers. The book has been reproduced in various movies that help reinforce various literally themes.

(v) Lord of the flies by William Golding

William uses this novel to demonstrate unique themes of savagery versus civilization, loss of innocence, and human evilness. In a creative way, the author brings British Boys who get stranded on an island following a plane crash. However, the island desert does not have rules and conflicts ensue as the boys turn against each other because of evil instincts.

(vi) The Adoration of Jenna Fox

For young readers with an enthralling passion for technology and medical careers, this scientific fiction will be truly inspirational. After a long period in comma, Jenna wakes up with no idea of where she is or who she is. As her parents try to remind her of the past events, the novel becomes very thought provocative and can be used to model careers in medicine and technology. The book can be used to model great careers, novelists, and experts in areas such as how to stop the runny nose fast and other problems, using technology to solve modern problems or even astronomy among others.

How to choose a good book to read

Most of the time, we find ourselves at a crossroads on the type of book we should choose next and read. I am sure that avid readers have at some point found themselves in a dilemma. You simply can’t seem to make up your mind on what book to read next. For those who are occasional readers, choosing a good book to read might seem like a herculean task. It is more or less like reading a shaver guide 2016 especially when you do not know what to actually settle for. Well, you need not worry as we are going to shed light on how you can go about choosing a good book to read and enjoy it.

Ask yourself a number of questions

In order to choose a good book that appeals to you, it is essential that you ask yourself a number of questions. What kind of authors do you like? What genre of books appeal to you? Do you like fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, and realistic fiction, sci-fi or adventure books? What interests do you have? Answering truthfully the aforementioned questions will indeed help you choose a good book that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but also make you feel good about yourself.

Ask for recommendations

If you can’t seem to make up your mind on the kind of book to read, it doesn’t hurt to seek for recommendations from reading friends. If you have an avid reader friend, ask them to recommend you a book you can read and enjoy. Ask a friend you share same interests or like the same genre of books to recommend you a book they read and loved.

Read book reviews

If you can’t seem to find the right recommendation, consider reading book reviews appearing in magazines as well as newspapers. From reading reviews, you get to know of recently released books making headlines as well as have a sneak peek of books that will essentially blow your mind off.

Research the reading lists of the authors you like

If you like books written by a given author, chances are that you will also like the kind of books that they read or recommend. For this reason, it’s essential that you research the reading lists of your favorite authors and get to read books you haven’t read already while building up on your already read books. By researching the reading lists of the authors you love, you get to find a list of books you really want to read in the foreseeable future and learn new things.

Join a book club

As an avid reader, you stand to gain a lot when you join a book club. In fact, a book club gives you the motivation to read as many books as possible as well as meet individuals who share the same interests or the kinds of books you like. You also get to discuss various books, learn a thing or two about the books and inadvertently become a better person while at it. You can also forge lifelong friendship with your book club members!

The benefits of reading books

If there is something that cannot be described in words, it has to do with the joy of reading a book. I mean, take a moment to think of the last time you read a good book. Think of the world the book took you to; the sheer characters, scenes and plots you created in your mind. Books, in essence, give you the much needed break from the chaos that is your life. They provide you with a platform to learn something new, to understand different cultures, makes you relaxed, instills peace in you and ultimately helps in exercising your brain.

So what are the benefits/merits/advantages of reading books? Why should you embrace reading of good books?

Books are storehouses of knowledge

Knowledge is power. When you are knowledgeable, you have the confidence and the power to speak about any subject authoritatively. Books are storehouses of knowledge and experiences. By reading a book, you get to learn about what happened in history, you learn about foam martial art gloves if you have interest in martial arts, you learn about the power of an open mind, and essentially get access to information and get a sneak peek into people’s experiences over the years.


You cannot become a better you if you give the aspect of reading books a wide berth. The virtue of reading books opens your eyes and you begin to understand the world the way you never did before. For instance, if you were lacking self-esteem, a book on “how to improve self-confidence” would be the first step towards bolstering your confidence. If you are short in the cooking department, a book on “how to cook a meal” could essentially improve your skills and make you become a better cook. It helps you understand the rules of life, improve yourself and become a better person.

Gain experience from others

When you read books, you get a front row seat into the lives of others and learn from their experiences. When you set out to read a book, you essentially gain knowledge as well as experiences of the person who wrote the book. If you have been making mistakes in your life, reading a book can point you in the right direction by helping you avoid mistakes. In essence, when you read a book and learn from the experience of others, you become a better person and subsequently hasten your success. Looking to become a billionaire or millionaire? Well a book on people who made it from grass to riches can help you avoid certain pitfalls and gain from the experiences of those were poor but made it to riches.

Reading boosts your creativity and imagination

The reality of the matter is that when you read a book, you are taken to a different world based on the plot of the book. Your imagination is stretched and you are able to see the world in a different angle, boost your creativity as well as imagination. You learn new things through reading, get answers to questions you have as well as get ideas to even write your own book.

To sum it up, reading opens your mind to a world we never knew existed. We become knowledgeable, become better people and above all give illiteracy a wide berth.

Find time to read more

When I was at school, I could have told you which of my classmates read a lot, and which ones didn’t. By the same token, I could have told you which ones were read to by their parents, and which ones weren’t. Reading can be hugely beneficial to your education, but it can also be a good source of entertainment too.

Finding the time to read more, will mean that you can immerse yourself in a completely different world, while also sitting back and relaxing. Getting hold of a good novel, and making sure you read at least one chapter a day, can be a really good thing.

Some people say they would like to read more, but they don’t think they have the time. The fact of the matter is that if you want to do something bad enough, you will find the time to do it.

Here’s how you can find the time to read more:

Travelling to work

If you take the bus or train to work, then reading a book while travelling can help to pass the time. It will also provide a bit of an escape for the day ahead too. You don’t have to read more than one chapter, just read what you can, and enjoy this form of relaxation.

During your lunch break

Reading on your lunch break is a great way for you to escape from work for a short while. I would only read on your lunch break if you’re not expected to join your colleagues as you dine. Find a quiet corner somewhere and get those pages turning.

Travelling home

Reading while you’re travelling home can be a great way to unwind after a days’ work. It can help you to get over the stresses and strains of the day. What’s more is it will also make your journey home a bit quicker too.

Relaxing after work

Who says you have to sit in front of the television after work? You could always read. Read a romantic novel, read an exciting novel and be inspired to learn martial arts and look for martial arts supplies. Read about historical events, or whatever interests you, and find yourself relaxing as you become absorbed in the book.

It’s perfectly possible for you to find the time to read more. If you’re a slow reader, then you may want to think about starting off gently. Give yourself the time to read a book, and don’t worry if you come across hard words, we all do. One of the most important things you can to is to enjoy reading. Choose books that you know you’re going to like, and take one with you wherever you go.

Books are not expensive

Books are not expensive, unless you want them to be. Borrow books from your local library, or buy them from a charity shop. Look through the reduced priced books in book stores, and see what’s on offer there.

There is a whole world of entertainment and learning out there, and it can all be found between the pages of the book.

The benefits of studying part time

A lot of people study full time, but more and more people are now deciding that part time studying is for them. It does mean that it will take longer for you to get the qualifications you desire, but there are a lot of good reasons for doing so.

You can work at the same time

This is one of the reasons why I chose to study part time. I need to bring in some sort of income while I study, so this was the best option for me. It doesn’t matter whether you work full or part time, what matters is that you have enough time to study each week, while also furthering your education.

I work 32 hours a week, while also dedicating 2 days to studying. I know that this is a lot to do, but it’s something I’m able to manage (Primarily because I don’t have children to look after), and it’s something that I really enjoy. I love my job, and I also love being able to study too. This I would encourage you to work and study if you can, as it will bring money into the home, while you work on your future.

Studying won’t take up all of your life

This is also beneficial if you have a family to look after, or if you simply want to get on with other aspects of your life. As long as you get your coursework done, and you make sure that all your assignments are in on time (And you put a lot of effort into them), then you are free to enjoy your time outside of your studies, and work too, if that’s the case.

One of the best things you can do is to plan out your studying, so you know exactly what you need to do and when. Organisation will help you to get on top of your studies, while ensuring that you also work hard and enjoy yourself in other aspects of your life too. This means that if you want to work on your image with the help of, or you want to redecorate your home, or enjoy time with your family, you can.

You can gain valuable experience

If for example, you want to work in the health sector, then studying part time could help you to gain valuable experience elsewhere. You could potentially get work in a hospital, or a nursing home, that will help you get more of an idea about what working in the health sector is really like. The same could be said for any type of work that you want to go into, and studying part time can really help you to get to grips with this.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to studying part time, so why not look into it a little more and see where it takes you?

Theory or practice, what is better?



When we take our exams at school, depending on the subject in question, we may have a theory and a practice examination. Both types of examination are different, and both show how we can perform in different ways.

But which is better, theory or practice? Let’s take a look at this right now:

About 15 years ago, my Brother was telling me how the world of management worked. He had never worked in management, but because he’d studied the subject and was therefore knowledgeable, (In his mind anyway). The trouble was that while my brother as telling me this, I had a job in management, and I told him that it was a lot different from how the text books make it out to be. I told him “You have been a student for too long”. This was true, because instead of going out and earning money, he decided to do yet another course at college.


Practice was better than theory

In my brother’s case, practice was better than theory, because if he had gone into a management job, he would have found that it was vastly different from all the text books he’d been reading.

If for example, you decided to go into industrial roofing as a career, you would probably have to study the subject to a degree, but you would need to have a lot of experience too. You can have all of the qualifications in the world, but unless you have experience, you’re not likely to be taken too seriously.


Theories and reality

Theories are just theories, you can learn about a subject, but when it comes down to it, the reality can be quite different. This is something that a lot of students learn when they get the job they want, and have been studying towards. Although theory can only go so far, it’s the practice that makes a world of difference.

This is not to say that learning different theories about different aspects of life, education and other areas is not worthwhile, it is. I think you will only truly learn when you pick up the tools for the job and you get practicing.

You cannot learn anything without examining a theory, but in my opinion, you need to have the practice element in order to be able to fully understand the subject in question. This applies to every single subject there is, and I’m sure some highly educated people with no experience will soon find life in the workplace a lot more challenging than they thought it would ever be.


My tips for relaxing with a good book



It’s safe to say that I love a really good book. I enjoy sitting down with a book and spending hours just doing nothing but reading. I find the process of reading is a hugely enjoyable one, and it’s all thanks to my mother who read to me, and encouraged me to read from a very early age.

When I’m relaxing with a good book, I like to make sure that I’m comfortable, and I have everything I need around me. I think I have this down to a fine art, so I’m going to share this with you now:

Where you sit

Where you choose to sit will have an impact on your reading experience. Ideally you should ensure that there’s not too much light shining on your pages, but enough to ensure you can see. You should also sit somewhere that will give you enough privacy to read as much as you want. When it comes to sitting in a chair, on the floor or on your bed, find somewhere that is comfortable, and allows you to adjust your position should you need to.

Have a drink beside you

This is a great way for you to stay hydrated, without you having to get up every 5 minutes. I tend to have a cup of tea beside me, and a glass of water too.

Have a snack beside you

A healthy snack will ensure the munchies go away, and you end up eating something nutritional while you read.

Read something that interests you

This is so important as you’re more likely to enjoy the book if it interests you. I like to read about health issues such as rehabilitation, and I found a book about Beachway was quite useful. If you begin to read a boring or dull book, chances are you won’t enjoy it, so pick your book wisely.

Stay warm or cool

If it’s a cold day, make sure you’re warm enough, have a blanket nearby to cover your legs, or an extra sweater to put on. If it’s a hot day, sit near an open window or a fan so you have sufficient breeze. Alternatively wear some clothing that you can easily take off.

These are my tips for helping you to relax with a good book. You probably have a few tips of your own, and those tips are probably what helps make reading a good book even more special.


What is ‘Normal’?




We tend to use the term ‘That’s not normal’ (or something similar) quite a lot. We have an idea as to what we consider to be normal, and we also have an idea as to what we consider to be abnormal too. But what is ‘Normal’?

Normal behavior can be defined as a type of behavior that you do not expect. For example, if your friend Jo always acts a specific way, the way he acts could be considered normal for him. If Jo then starts to exhibit behaviors that are out of character, those behaviors could be considered abnormal.

Describing normality

But, there are other ways to describe normality too, for example. My parents are in their 60’s and they have never been interested in gaming. My brother can spend hours at a time in front of his console trying to beat a monster, save the world or generally blow up zombies. As far as my parents are concerned, my brother’s behavior is not normal, when in actual fact it is.

My brother’s behavior and activities are perfectly normal for him, and they are also considered relatively normal for anyone who happens to be a single male in his 30’s. In this sense, we can see that the concept of normality is also defined by our expectations.

Abnormal behavior

Tomorrow I will be attending a wedding that I don’t really want to go to. I don’t really like the bride to be, but I’m expected to go as she’s my partner’s aunt, and that’s what is expected in the family. Unfortunately, at the wedding celebration, there will be the presumption that everyone will drink a lot of alcohol and sing karaoke. While this is completely normal behavior for them, my partner and I do not consider it to be something we would normally do.

If we were to get drunk and sing ‘My way’ at 2am, we would be displaying abnormal behaviors, but my aunt would not. So as you can see, what can appear to be normal for one person, may not be normal for another.

Learning more

What’s more is that her aunt has really bad teeth and should really learn more about proper care for them and perhaps visit and orthodontist!

If you want to learn more about what’s considered normal, then you may want to think about studying human behavior, or you could just read up on it. So, anything that is out of character for an individual can be considered abnormal. Anything that you would expect them to do, is considered normal.

So you see, normality can be considered subjective, and is entirely dependent on the person whose behavior is being scrutinized and the person doing the scrutinizing.

Some Writing Ideas about Women That You Can Consider


Some Writing Ideas about Women That You Can Consider

Whether you are considering writing Books for women or magazines about women, there are a number of topics that you can choose to write about. It is not good to just decide to write about any topic about women without considering the kind of audience that you will get for the topic or the subjects that you will choose. You may be considering writing an essay about women and you do not have the right ideas that you fee will give you the best topics. Well, we want to discuss some of the ideas and the topics that you can choose to write about and still get the materials that you will be sure will be suitable for you essay or your books. Here are some of the most common topics that people want o read about when it comes to women:

Is it safe for women to carry guns?

One of the things that people do not expect women to do is them to carry guns. There are many gun crimes and when you scrutinize them, you will realize that they are committed by men. There are women who take part in shooting games and they do win these games. As such, one of the topics that you may consider writing about is women and guns. There are women who take part in the military and they do well in these roles. However, when you want to talk about these issues, you will realize that not many people are interested in them. Well, the reason is that people do not feel that women have the capability to deal with guns and shooting sessions. When you choose to write about women and guns, then you can write about the kinds of guns that they carry as well as the safety of these women.

Women hair and power

Another topic that most people are unlikely to write about is women hair. Is the women hair a sign of power? Hair is a gigantic topic that is very interesting to women. When one has a blog or they want to write about a topic that will be interesting, then they can choose hair. Many women are obsessed with hair in their bodies and as such, when you write about this topic and offer guidance on what women should do to keep their hair looking good or pleasing, then you can be sure that you will find as many readers as you may want for the topic.

Heart diseases and women

Another topic that most women will prefer to read about is their health. There are many diseases that affect women. Bit did you know that the heart disease is the biggest killer for women? Well, now you know. You can do research about this disease and write books or magazines about the things that women need to do so that they can avoid this disease. There are many other diseases that affect women. You can choose to write about these diseases and their solutions. Another thing that one can write about is the manner in which women can prevent the killer diseases and keep them at bay before they affect them. There are many websites and even books that you can read about the topics of women diseases and get to write about them. You can be sure that you will get many people interested in these topics.

Women and media

There are many women who are working in the media. How are these women portrayed? Are they given their right position in the society? What do the media do to fight for the rights of women and the other people who are downtrodden in the society? You could decide to write about women and their careers in the media. Are the women working in the media a role model for the teen girls?

How to Choose Preschool Books for Children

There are numerous people who have schools that they run and even teach. These schools have preschool children and as such, they have to buy books for these youngsters. Now, what are some of the factors that one needs to consider when they are choosing books for their preschool children? Other than the books that are recommended by the government for the school syllabus, what are the other books that parents can buy for their children? It is important for all stakeholders in the education sector to be aware of the underlying factors that should be chosen when they want to choose books that are suitable for these children. Here are some of the factors that must be factored in the choice for the preschool books: Continue reading